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Ski mountaineering Dolomites / Val Sarentino

Ski mountaineering Dolomites / Val Sarentino

Ski mountaineering Dolomites / Val Sarentino



This is the week of contrasts: from the bizarre, sharp rocky giants of the Dolomites to the sweet shepherds' huts and slopes of the Sarentino valley.
The Dolomites have always attracted our attention with their furrows and rock faces which transform into this unique rocky landscape and consequently charmed everyone who loves ski-mountaineering. Steep and demanding descents are not rare.

Even the Sarentino valley is no longer a secret destination. Almost every summit can be reached on skis; the wild and old landscape leaves space for the most romantic fantasies.
Thanks to the short distance combining the two areas is no problem.
The first half of this week will be spent in the Sarentino valley where we will begin our preparation, our trips will reach 1.300 metres of vertical height gain.
Obviously every day we will "freshen" our memories with regards to the course's contents: the study of avalanches, use of transceiver, (electronic research for avalanche victims), orienteering, meteorology, planning the set up of uphill tracks, planning trips etc.
A few examples: Cima di S. Kassiano; Cima S.Giacomo; Corno Bianco del Val Sarentino; Cima Sulzes; Mutnelle and others.

The second part is dedicated to the Dolomites.
In the meantime we have warmed up and we can dedicate ourselves to the steeper and more demanding section of the week.
A few examples: Cima Scaliaret; piccola forcellone del latemar; Marmolada; Col Bricon; Mulaz; and others.

The decision on which of these two areas is the more beautiful we leave up to you.



Requirements Physical preparation; skitour previous ski mountaineering experience
Equipment Emergency equipment is provided by us
Accommodation Hotel at Nova Levante and in Val Sarentino
Number participants 4 - 6 pers. to one alpine guide
Services provided 5 days mountain guide, 6 days half board, transfers, part of equipment



Event Information

Event Date 28.01.2024
Event End Date 03.02.2024
Price 930 €
Area Dolomites / Val Sarentino