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Sports climbing

Sports climbing

Spring climbing Arco

We have ended the season with demanding routes and there is a long time before next summer. We think of the wonderful period spent in the mountains, we remember the difficult moves of a climb and we see the last rays of the setting sun and we find ourselves planning once again the next summer climbs and we talk about our dream routes.

Event Date 01.04.2024
Event End Date 30.06.2024
Price 420 € (3 days) or 630 € (5 days)
Area Arco, Lake Garda
Sports climbing week Arco/Lake Garda; Finale/Ligurian Coast

Arco, Finale — places which are on the lips of every climber! Each area has its own peculiarity.

Price Arco 620 €, Finale 740 €
Area Arco/Lake Garda, Finale Ligure
Sports climbing week Kalymnos - Greece

In the past few years the island of Kalymnos situated in the southern Aegean sea, is confirming itself as one of the best climbing sites in Europe. You will be spoilt for choice among the countless climbing routes with varying grades, all perfectly equipped on excellent rock.

Price 800 €
Area Kalymnos - Greece